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Here they are: Products that didn’t make the 40s ReStyle cut.

June 28, 2015

We’ve all heard that warning “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Or come sit by me and say something that isn’t nice.”

Regardless of how YOU view saying not-so-nice things, it kind of makes me uncomfortable–especially in a public forum such as this. Yet, that is what this forum is for. I’ve shared with you my love for Bare Minerals, Origins, and even Loreal. Today I feel the need to discuss two products: Sephora Eye Mask and Urban Decay shadow primer.

I will start with saying that I love Sephora. I love their products, samples, VIB Beauty Insider club, and helpful staff.  I love it all. I love their line of makeup and their online store. I buy all my products there. I research new products there. I create long list of things I love because who knows, I might get amnesia and can’t remember what products I used and loved.

I bought two products recently from Sephora.  The Sephora Eye Mask ($6.00 for one mask set) and Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion Tube Original ($12.00–$20.00 depending on size).

The Sephora Eye Masks come in eight different scents and are supposed to do different things.  I purchased the pearl one. It felt good and smelled good. It was supposed to help irregularities around the eyes and help their contour. Again, it felt good and smelled good, but I did not see any of the results they suggested. My husband is a pharmacist. He said to put tea bags on your eyes. The caffeine will help them puff up a bit and you will look rested and have fewer wrinkles temporarily. He also suggested I could use them cool or warm. Whichever I liked. I think I’m going to embrace that home remedy and save the $6.00 I spent on the Sephora Eye Mask.

The Urban Decay shadow primer reinforced my fear of wrinkles. It showed every little crease on my eyelid. The combination of primer and eyeshadow made me look like I had wrinkles all over both lids. The worst was that my eyeshadow faded after a few hours. So wrinkles and faded eye shadow puts this product into the not-worth-it-give-it-to-a-friend-pile.  The next day I used some of the Bare Minerals primer on the eyelids. It worked as well as Urban Decay to keep my eye shadow on most of the day. It also didn’t settle in the wrinkles either, making them more obvious. My take, use your face primer on your lids, and get some tea bags for your eyes.

See, I just saved you money. Go me.


Photo Credit: Courtney Rhodes