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Don’t Test on Fido. Really.

June 7, 2015

I’m a bit of a hippie, worried about the planet and the things and people on it. I carry my reusable bags to the market, recycle just anything possible, and want to make sure the products I buy are helping, not hurting the Earth. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that several of my favorite brands are not Cruelty Free.

After reading this, I was reminded that I need to pay more attention to the brands I use. Cruelty Free Kitty has several posts about which products that are cruelty free and which aren’t. That blog is about to become my new go-to site before I try a new brand.

And I’m going to have to review the brands I already use. It’s a process, though, because there are levels, people. Just because one brand doesn’t test on animals, that doesn’t mean its parent company doesn’t. And some brands are owned by companies that do medical research, which is an entirely different situation. In my opinion, there is no one right answer. Everyone has to make his or her own decision.

For now, for me, in every case possible, I’m going to avoid brands and companies that do any animal testing. A 40s ReStyle doesn’t mean giving up what I believe in about the world around me.

Unfortunately, that means giving up brands I enjoy. If you read my post about my skin care plan, you know I primarily use LUSH and Neutrogena products. Of the two, I’ll be keeping the LUSH. So I’ll be looking for something new here soon.

I’ll also be working through some of my makeup brands and doing some replacing of some of those. I’m thankful that most of the brands I enjoy are on the good list, certified by Leaping Bunny and approved by PETA. A few, though (I’m looking at you Benefit), not so much. If you look through the good list and see something you love, let me know. I’m happily taking suggestions.


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Skin care

Say My Skin is Good… Please

June 5, 2015

I am obsessed with good skin. I’m not proud. I’m also not ashamed.

My children have had skin care routines since they were in early elementary school. If I forget to take my makeup off (a rare thing indeed) before bed and wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll get up and take it off then. Shallow and vain though it is, one of the best compliments anyone could give me is that I have good skin.

People have asked me through the years what products I use, and while I think products matter, I also think using the products matters more. Just the simple dedication to taking care of your skin is more important than periodically putting something expensive on your skin.

That said, if you can afford any skin care system, the Murad brand is amazing. And there is a line within the brand for everyone.

Both of my kids use cleansers from LUSH. My teenage son uses the Dark Angels cleaner, while my middle school-age daughter uses the Fresh Farmacy cleanser. All of the LUSH products are made with fresh, mostly organic ingredients and are free of preservatives. It’s a good starting point for tender skin. They both also use a tea tree oil spot treatment from The Body Shop.

My personal skin care routine starts with a morning exfoliation with the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser by LUSH. I scrub my face with this in the shower each morning, and it leaves my skin freshly exfoliated but also silky smooth. LUSH is leading the way in using natural exfoliants and not beads (#banthebead).

Always, always follow with a sunscreen. Admittedly, I love the Murad brand, but I’m longing to try the new one from Tarte. I have a few samples to try here soon. The basics are that you really just need an SPF 15 or so because most foundations also have an SPF included.

At night, I use a gentle cleanser by Neutrogena Naturals. Because my skin is dry, I never use a foaming cleaner. Foaming equal drying. ┬áMary Kay makes the best eye makeup remover ever. If you don’t already know a Mary Kay rep, ask around and find one, if only for this product. I follow with a deep moisture cream and then an eye cream. I also use an anti-aging cream every other night in place of the night cream. Because I believe (whether rightly or not) that lines are formulated to work together, I use all Neutrogena products. If I switched lines, I would switch the entire line.

And I try really hard to do everything to my hands and chest that I do to my face – sunscreen, treatments, moisture creams. I hate more than anything that some days I look at my hands and think they look like old lady hands. The best night cream for hands I’ve ever found is another LUSH product – lemony flutter. It smells like lemon cream pie, and it is smooth and luscious. My favorite hand cream to carry in my handbag is by Tokyo Milk. It has the richest scents that stay with you long after you apply the cream, and for a thick cream, it absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky.

I do a face mask here and there, and I haven’t even touched upon lip balms and body lotions. Another time. For now, this is my skin care routine.

At the very least, on a lazy, sleepy or sick night, grab a pre-done makeup remover wipe. Do something. Do a 40s ReStyle on that skin.


Photo Credit: JeepersMedia