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Top 10 Holiday Wish List Products

November 25, 2015

We’ve been gone. Did you miss us? Sure you did.

LeeAnn wrote her list of products she’d like to try in 2016 (go on, call it a Wish List), and here is my list to go along with that. Keep in mind that we shop differently. There are products on my list that I already know I love but that I’ve just been too cheap to replace.

We hope you find some things in one or both of our lists that you decide to try and that become favorites.

1. Vera Wang’s Hippie Princess perfume ($60 for 1.7 oz)

Blame LeeAnn for this one. She suggested I smell it & tell her what it was like because she likes the other scents in this line. I now can’t go into Ulta without spraying this just all over me. My daughter also likes this one, which isn’t a real selling point for me.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54)

This is the benchmark of nude and near-nude palettes. There are multiple options to choose from within the Naked line. I prefer the Naked 2, but I swear, I’d take any of them. I’ve reached a point in life where I prefer a muted eye with a darker liner as opposed to the brighter shadows I wore when I was younger. These palettes have just everything. And Urban Decay is a Cruelty Free brand.

3. Lily Lolo Mascara ($20)

I am a dedicated user of my CK One mascara, but I’d like to try a CF brand. The Lily Lolo is the highest rated CF mascara I can find. Whether I love it or hate it, I’d like to try it.

4. MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub ($18)

This is one of my favorite finds from PetitVour. This fruit enzyme scrub is wonderful. You can leave it on just a few minutes or a few minutes longer, depending on how your skin reacts. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feels smooth and clean.

5. Tarte LipSurgence (Holiday Set $34 for 9 minis)

If you haven’t tried these lippies, you’re missing out. They feel like a balm and look like a great lipstick. Now, I’ll admit, I don’t like the matte options. But the others are amazing. For several years now, I’ve bought the holiday set (it’s a super value), and divided it up between gifts for others and for myself.

6. Tokyo Milk ($20)

I love this hand lotion. It is hydrating without being greasy, and the scent lasts forever. My favorite scents are the Dead Sexy and Kabuki No. 9. Every handbag should feature something this lovely.

7. nyl Skincare Organic Shimmer Sugar Scrub ($38 for 8 oz)

Ever since I started getting PetitVour boxes, I’ve been eyeing this sugar scrub. Who doesn’t love a sugar scrub? One that gives your a golden shimmer? Even. Better.

8. 21 Drops ($29 each)

I want all of these. Just all of them. We have the Sleep oil and love it. I’d like to try so many of these. They do have some holiday sets that might be good starting points.

9. BITE Beauty lippies

I am in love with BITE’s lip mask. In. Love. And I’d like to try one of their other lip products. Just any other one.

10. Anything LUSH

Seriously. For real.

Now, share with us your wish lists. Maybe we’ll add some of your products to our lists.


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10 Best Inexpensive Sensitive Skin Care Products

October 23, 2015

I’ve gotten several positive comments on a recent post about some of my favorite sensitive skin products. One of the items on the list peaked the curiosity of several people because it was inexpensive and a great product for those of us who battle sensitive skin. It was suggested I continue that list to include some budget-friendly options. So here you have it!  These are my choices for non-budget busting beauty products.

1. Simple Skincare Cleansers ($5.99)
Let’s start with the brand that initiated this post. I professed my love for Simple’s Kind to Eyes Makeup Remover Pads. So let’s continue spreading some more love for the brand. The Simple product line has several cleansers. Foaming, micellar, moisturizing, and a smoothing scrub are all part of this line. It’s easy to find one that is just right.  The entire line of cleansers contain minimal ingredients and are super gentle. No dyes, perfumes, or known irritants make it perfect for sensitive skin.  Many gentle cleansers don’t always remove all the makeup. That isn’t the case with these. Skin feels clean and not overly dry. Added vitamins make it extra good for your skin. My personal favorite is the Simple Smoothing Scrub.  It isn’t harsh like a lot of facial scrubs either. Both of my kids use this product line. Gentle but effective, and budget-friendly make Simple cleansers great. Oh, and this line is cruelty-free. Winner!

2. Burt’s Bees Cranberry and Pomagranate Sugar Scrub ($13.00)
Most people think of lip balm when thinking Burt’s Bees. I love all their lip balms, lip tints, and lip glosses. I have them in the car, my purse, everywhere.  I also like BB’s all-over body scrub because it exfoliates skin for a nice glow and soft feel. I’ve avoided body scrubs in the past since I have sensitive skin. That much abrasion irritates sensitive skin like crazy. This scrub by Burt’s Bees doesn’t do that. Natural ingredients I can pronounce like sugar, cranberry seed, shea butter, and sunflower oil make me feel good about what I’m using. There are no tiny plastic scrubby beads either so it’s environmentally friendly and it is cruelty-free.

3. Gud by Burt’s Bees Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, and Lotion ($7.00)
Since we are talking about Burt’s Bees, let’s talk about their Gud product line. This is a line of shampoos, conditioners, lotions, body wash, and even body wipes. What I like most about this product line is I can have the same scent in all my products. I like that layering option. My favorite is Mango Moonbreeze. There are five other great scents, too. Similar to the Burt’s Bees line, ingredients are minimal and pronounceable. There is no irritation or redness when using these beautifully scented products, either. It washes off clean, leaves a great scent, and does a great job of cleaning. Of course, this line is cruelty-free. It’s a great line to start a tween on, too. Thumbs up!

4. Albabotanica Good and Clean Pore Purifying Mini Peel ($8.99)
The Albabotantica line is pretty extensive.  Ive not tried all the products in this line but I do particularly like the mini peel with Alpha Hydroxy. Using it a couple times a month gives a deep clean and smooth feeling to my skin. Like so many other products, I’ve avoided peels. After a disasterous peel that left my sensitive skin red and irritated for days, I avoided them like the plague. Why I bought this on a whim, I can’t say. I’m glad I did.  There are no artificial colors, fragrances, or other ingredients I don’t feel good about. Again, it’s cruelty-free. What’s not to love?  I plan to explore this brand further and blog about this line more.

5. Physician’s Formula Nude Wear Touch of Glow Foundation ($14.95)
There was a time when makeup was just about the last thing on my list. With two small children, studying for graduate school, and a husband who worked crazy hours, it was progress just to shower most days. When I did wear makeup, it wasn’t pricy. It was what I could grab in the drug or discount store as I purchased other items for my family.  Most of the makeup I grabbed quickly I didn’t like. Physicians Formula foundation was one I found in the big box store that I actually did like.  It goes on light, but it can be added to for more full coverage. It looks natural and not cakey. It isn’t greasy. There are several shades to choose from. Application is smooth. There is no irritation or redness after removal. It’s a solid foundation when you are on a budget.

6. Pacifica brand makeup, body care, fragrance ($5.00–$30.00)
I think this is my favorite cruelty-free brand out there right now. (Okay, I may have said that about the Simple line, too?). Pacifica works hard to make sure their products are safe for all skin types, but especially sensitive skin folks. Their fragrance line has 17-18 different scents to please everyone. Tahitian Garden is my favorite. The fragrance lasts most of the day – like the majority of the perfumes out there. Their Skin Renewal Micro Dermabrasion Scrub is fabulous, too. Again, no irritation because what goes into Pacifica is good. If you only pick one product line on this list. Pick this one. From makeup to hair care to perfumes and scented lotions, Pacifica will have something for a sensitive skin gal.

7. Sally Hansen fingernail polish ($3.00–$7.00)
Michele, will disagree on this one, but I’m not quite as into polish as she is. I like this polish. It gives good coverage, most of the time in one coat. It lasts as long as any other polish does on me. This polish is always forgiving and easy to use. It does not irritate the skin around my nails. It comes in millions of colors and lasts several days.  At this price you can buy ten polishes and paint every finger or toe a different color.  I do not think this line is cruelty-free, though. Thumbs down for that, but it’s a solid purchase overall.

8. Almay One Coat Lengthening Mascara ($4.97)
Almay is not cruelty-free, that’s for sure. It IS recognized as a good brand for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes, though. I suppose there is some give and take here on the whole animal testing issue and making the product extra safe. My point isn’t to argue either side but to list budget-friendly products I like. I like this mascara. It’s gentle. It comes off easy at night and it doesn’t smear during the day. Best of all for this redhead, it comes in a brown color. That is harder to find than you think. This mascara stands out above most for those with sensitive eyes.

9. NYX Finishing Makeup Setting Spray Matte or Dewy ($7.99)
On the previous list I told the Internet of my love for Urban Decay Setting Spray. I stand by that completely. If you are on a budget and find that one out of your price range (which I do a lot) NYX has a good spray also. I like that you can choose between dewy or matte finish. I’ve bought both and like them both, though I tend to buy the matte more often. NYX keeps the makeup in place, doesn’t make my face itch, and the price is right. I think Urban Decay keeps my makeup in place longer than NYX, but I’ve done no official test. Overall, NYX does the job for less.

10. LUSH Bath Bombs, Bath Melts, and Bar Soap ($5.00-$8.00)
What list of loves doesn’t have at least one LUSH item on it?  Especially if it’s on this blog site. It’s LUSH love around here all the time. Yes, some of their products like facial moisturizers are a bit pricy (but worth it). While others are very reasonable. LUSH is a believer in scent affects mood. I am, too. A yummy smelling soap, or calming scented bath can change my mood instantly. There are so many fabulous scents by LUSH in their soaps and bath products to have a different one everyday for weeks. There are no harsh ingredients. No irritation. No weird ingredients. LUSH is a sensitive skin girl’s dream. With a few dollars, LUSH gives a spa-like experience with no worries. The brand is environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, and just all-around the best.

So there you have it–my picks for budget-friendly beauty products. They are out there. Let us know what your faves are.


Photo Credit: Taryn Nefdt

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Going back to school – with better skin

July 21, 2015

LeeAnn and I both have two kids – a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter. Yes, we planned it that way.

As we navigate our own 40sRestyle, we are also trying to help the four of them navigate their youth. And teenage skin is a mess. Frankly, it may be worse than I remembered.

My son is the oldest of the four, so he was the first to get his own skincare routine. And because I am a little obsessed with good skin, it was introduced to him probably not so subtly. I had mentioned to him in elementary school that he needed to begin good skin care maintenance. He ignored me.

Later, when he was in middle school, and his skin was a mess, I didn’t suggest it. I might have mentioned that girls didn’t date boys with icky skin. He might have said that girls weren’t that shallow, and I might have said he clearly didn’t know teenage girls. It was a conversation that might have led to me admitting to have rejected boys for shallow things – no need to be specific here – and to him finally agreeing to use whatever products I gave him as long as they were easy to use.

It was during this phase that we, as a family, voted that he had to stop trying to asphyxiate us with his Axe product use. He was annoyed, but our lungs were better for it.

I gave him Coalface and Dark Angels from LUSH, and within weeks his skin was beautiful. Seriously, this kid has some of the best skin I’ve ever seen on a teenage boy. He uses The Body Shop’s tea tree oil spot treatment for those rare times when there is a problem, but those days are rare. Some day, he will thank me. (Maybe.)

The soon-to-be sixth grader looked at me one day at the beginning of summer with a forehead full of pimples. I was shocked. Knowing the answer to the question (the proof was staring at me), I asked, “are you washing your face every day?” “Yeah, sure.” “Liar.”

Maybe I didn’t call her a liar, but I did slather a face mask on that forehead and talk to her about her skin care and about how middle school girls are mean.

She’s using LUSH’s Fresh Fharmacy soap every day now, with a face mask once a week, and her little face is nearly as clear as her brother’s.

Good quality products – simple with few chemicals – are important. But more important for teenagers, I think, is the simple act of actually cleaning that skin. Day in and day out, setting good habits that will follow them for a lifetime.

And anything – even something as small as good skin – that can make those teenage years easier is a good thing.

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I changed my mind. I’m a LUSHie now.

July 6, 2015

Hi, my name is Lee Ann and I’m… Ah, you know the rest.

Admittedly, I’m a product addict. I feel loyalty to very few brands, and have a need to try them all–yes all!  I’ve been known to purchase, use, and discard a product within hours. No, I probably did not give it a fair chance. Yes, I know it is wasteful and excessive. Yes, I feel guilty but do it again and again. (We can discuss commitment issues another time.)  Ironically, beauty products are something I have to be one hundred percent sure about before showing true loyalty to the brand. Yet, I’ll jump from brand to brand not finding much I really love. Expensive to budget-friendly, I’ve used and abused many a beauty product, only finding a handful I’m sold on.

As I get older and become more aware of my waste and its impact, I find myself investigating a product more before purchasing it. This 40s ReStyle has me doing things differently. After attempting to go Cruelty-Free and FINALLY listening to my co-blogger, I researched LUSH Cosmetics. LUSH, with all its vegan-this and natural-that, was intimidating at first. I felt scared, excited, overwhelmed, and elated all at once. It’s where I decided to make my entrance into the Cruelty-Free world, though. I call it losing my LUSH virginity. I even posted about it here.

I first got excited about LUSH after looking online. After I felt comfortable with the entire premise, I embraced it. Recycled packaging, minimal waste, and charitable giving were all ideas I could support. So many of their products looked interesting, but I couldn’t smell and feel the items that interested me most.  Problem solved on a recent vacation. I stumbled across a LUSH store.  Within minutes I went from “LUSH virgin” to…well…”LUSH experienced.”

From the baskets of bath bombs to the shelves of soaps, the store was enticing.  At LUSH, I could have broken the bank, but didn’t because they are wonderful about giving samples. After I told the sales associate that I did not have a LUSH store near me, she proceeded to shower me with sample after sample to try and purchase later online if I chose. By the way, she was just about the most helpful sales person I’ve come across in a long time. She knew her products and gave me legitimate advice. A personal pet peeve I have is any store associate passing out bad/misleading/dangerous information to make a sale. She wasn’t overly clingy or overly complimentary. Both are pluses in my book, as well. The entire LUSH experience was better than most stores I’ve been in recently.

Now that I’m “experienced” in LUSH ways, there are some products I’d recommend. I’m still exploring and there is always something new, but here’s what I love so far.

  • The Dirty product line is fabulous. It’s for men or women and smells so clean. Im not a lover of unisex smells, but I am a fan of clean smells. It’s amazing.
  • Also try Fresh Farmacy facial cleanser. It’s great for oily skin. This cleanser gives a squeaky clean feeling.
  • The tea tree toner.
  • Ice Blue soap.
  • Steamers feel so good on your skin.
  • Of course, the bath bombs, bubble bars, and lip balms are fabulous.
  • Many of the soaps are cut off a larger block, weighed, and wrapped for you when you purchase them. That was cool.

The black pots the lotions, facial scrubs, shampoos, and conditioners come in are encouraged to be recycled back to the store. Makes sense.  They also have a charitable product with all proceeds going to a charity on a rotating basis. Love. Love. Love. There are bunches of unique items such as solid shampoo and conditioner, shower jellies, and massage bars to make LUSH unique.

Wander around a store or the website to get a feel for what LUSH is all about. It’s worth it.  Don’t be a LUSH virgin. Add this brand to your list of brands to show a little love.

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BITE me, why dontcha? BITE Beauty is all that.

June 14, 2015

I’ve never been a fan of lip scrubs until recently. I know that the skin on your lips is delicate, and I never could see the point in putting something rough on something so tender. I’m a bit of a lip balm addict – if sent on a show such as “Naked and Afraid,” it’s possible my one tool might be a good lip balm.

My family has affectionately dubbed 2015 as ‘the year my body turned against me.’ Suffice it to say, I’ve had some medical issues. It’s a bit of a 40s ReStyle that I didn’t exactly choose.

One of the odder issues – or maybe one of the odder side effects of one of the other issues, who knows – is that the skin on my lips began to peel at some point. (WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGERY AHEAD.) Imagine a sunburn on your lips. Always. The corners of my lips cracked and never healed. The skin would peel off completely, multiple times a day, and sometimes my lips would bleed. My lips always stung and hurt.

I had to give up lipstick. It was an unhappy situation.

I explained this to a doctor. “Seriously. No lippies makes me unhappy. I need you to fix this.” She seemed less than concerned about my cosmetic concerns, but did make notes about my health comments.

I tried every lip balm on the market. Really. I could buy a new outfit for what I have spent this year on lip balm. As time went by, thankfully, they began to heal some and were only peeling once a day or so. Trust me, this was serious progress.

The lovely LeeAnn is married to a pharmacist who suggested I throw out all lip balms and other lippies and start over. Shudder! I did it, though. At that point, I was ready to try anything.  My husband bought me a LUSH lip balm for my birthday. It was fresh and new, and it was all I used.

LeeAnn suggested a BITE Beauty product she had seen on Sephora, and I thought I’d try it, too. I was at a point by then that my lips were only peeling every few days (often enough for me to think I was healed, only to have them peel & shatter my dreams of wearing lipstick again). So I dropped $15 on BITE Beauty’s 5 Night Fix for Lips. It’s the cutest little jar with a tiny lip scrub stick and tube of agave lip mask.

You’re supposed to use the lip scrub (in whipped cherry – I hate cherries, but at that point, I’d have rubbed raw cherries on my lips if necessary.) and then follow with the lip mask right before bed. Five days later, and I swear my lips were better.

Now, sure, they were getting better all along.

Was it coincidence? Probably.

Do I care? No.

This is a wonderful little jar of a product. And I’ve been using the five day supply for about 30 days now, on and off. I have about one more day of the lip scrub, and I’ll replace it with a LUSH scrub (did I mention I hate cherries?). But I’ve easily got half a tube left of the lip mask. It’s a thick gel that really does make my lips feel better by the next morning, even now that they aren’t peeling (though admittedly, they do still get a little weird some days. When they do, I use the scrub & mask & they’re fine by morning.)

I’ll buy more of the lip mask when I use up all of this tube.

BITE Beauty is cruelty free, and the products are made with food grade ingredients, so if you happen to lick your lips a lot, it’s all good.

This little sampler is a good way to try two products at once with a tiny investment price. I’ll be buying more of this brand. Just no cherries.

And yes, I’ve been able to add a lippie or two back to my makeup routine. Happy days.


Photo Credit: Courtney Rhodes

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Confessions of a LUSHie

June 13, 2015

Nearly a decade ago, a friend told me she had found a great new beauty store. We went to the shop in New Orleans, and I fell in love. I’ve been a devoted LUSHie ever since.

I’m a firm believer that a beautiful face doesn’t begin with good makeup but with good skin, and good skin is always a result of good skin care. And it’s important that what we put on our skin is sometimes as important as what we put into our bodies. Our skin absorbs what we put on it. I’d much rather put creams and lotions on my skin that don’t contain a lot of chemicals than ones that do. I should admit up front that LUSH has started offering makeup, but I haven’t tried any of it. Thus far, I’m just a skin care girl with them.

My lovely partner here, LeeAnn, just wrote a post about being a LUSH virgin and about how overwhelming it can be to see that they feel strongly about recycling and about not using excess packaging. Those are some of the reasons I love the company. They are also strong water conservationists, and are dedicated to giving funds to various causes around the world through their Charity Pot program. Since 2007, the program has raised nearly six million dollars for more than 600 grassroots charities in 35 countries around the world.

I want to support companies like this. The fact that they have amazing products that do what they claim is an amazing bonus.

That day in New Orleans, I started off with an array of products, mostly colorful and sparkly.

LUSH’s bath bombs and bubble bars are beautiful ways to make a bath special. Space Girl is my favorite. Any other one I have at the time is also my favorite.

Do your cuticles need help? Lemony Flutter will fix them. I pick my cuticles obsessively. They look horrible all the time. But Lemony Flutter keeps them hydrated, even when I am awful to them.

I’ve used several of their cleansers, both bar and scrubby. I’ve Fresh Farmacy, which is the perfect gentle cleanser. I’ve got both of my kids using Coal Face. It uses licorice root to clear up blemishes. I buy the soaps in small chunks and then cut off slices to use. I store them in the freezer, and on hot days, it’s nice to use the frozen pieces.

In combination with the bar cleansers, the people in our house use a variety of the scrubby cleansers. My teenage son uses Dark Angels. I can look at his face and tell when he isn’t using it. When he is, he’s got fabulous skin for a teenage boy. I – and my pre-teen daughter – use Angels on Bare Skin. It smells like lavender and is gentle and calming. My new favorite scrub is Let the Good Times Roll. I use it each morning in the shower. It’s super. Smells great. Leaves my face smooth.

We haven’t even begun to touch upon all that I use from LUSH in terms of skin care. There’s the Dream Cream lotion that really is a dream. A hydrating lotion that’s oddly light. The massage bars. Multiple bars. Seriously. Everyone should have at least two. Get the Wiccy Magic Muscles for when something aches and then another for when something doesn’t.

LUSH’s Fresh Face Masks are quite possibly the perfect masks. Made from fresh ingredients without preservatives, they are good for your skin while being good for your skin. I like the Sacred Truth for aging skin, while my daughter likes Cupcake for oily or spotty skin. Cupcake smells like chocolate. We try really hard not to snack on it.

I also use their Lip Scrub (Mint Julep) and their Lip Balm (Lip Service).

The boys in my house like LUSH’s shower gel in the Grass scent. It’s clean and masculine. Happy Hippy is nice, too. If you want a very sweet scent, look for the Snow Fairy scent around the holidays.

I could go on, but I think you get where I’m going with this. I’ve never tried a LUSH product I didn’t like. I’ve tried scents that didn’t appeal to me (see the Snow Fairy referenced above). And I’ve had favorite products that were retired. But I’ve never been disappointed.

One really wonderful thing about LUSH, especially in terms of the shops, is that they are liberal with samples. If there’s something you want to try before buying a full-size product, ask for a sample. Most of the time, they’ll provide you with a sample. And with the soaps – I didn’t even talk about the soaps! I love them, too! – you can request that they cut you a very small slice to try.

Good skin starts with good skin care. LUSH can help you with both.


Photo Credit: Miran Rijavec

Skin care

Confessions of a LUSH Virgin

June 13, 2015

I have a friend who is much more socially and environmentally conscious than I am. She loves LUSH and encouraged me to check it out. Not being swayed by all-natural, herbal, or vegan products, I never gave it much of a chance.

In my search for cruelty-free beauty products though, I find they often overlap with natural ones. I revisited the LUSH website with new eyes. Here are the thoughts this newbie had visiting a very socially-conscientious, natural-product website.

Let’s start with “Our Story.” Find out some more.

Wow!  They are super conscientious about things I haven’t even considered. I’m tired just reading their website.
They really are all about this.
Conserve water.
Limit packaging.
If only I were THAT dedicated.
I should recycle more.
I should be a vegan.
Ha!  No.
It would be more healthy.
Focus!  Cruelty-free products is the goal right now.
Ooooh, bath bombs.
I’ve used these.
Wait, is that glitter and flower petals and stuff inside them?
I don’t want stuff floating in my bath water.
Maybe it will all dissolve.
Maybe not.
Pass on that.
My husband will say it clogs the drain.
Maybe a bubble bar?
All of them are so beautiful.
Almost too pretty to use.
Oh gosh, I’m gonna be that old lady with pretty soap in her bathroom no one is allowed to use.
And hand towels, too.
And plastic furniture covers.
Maybe I do need some of those with my messy kids.
Oh gosh, no!
Besides, plastic is bad.
We are being socially conscious right now.
No plastic.
Okay, the Bubblegrub creeps me out for some reason.
My kids would love Bubblegrub.
My daughter would love all the bath bombs and bubble bars.
My husband would say all that would clog the drain.
Holy Moly!  Moldable soap for kids.
It looks like PlayDoh.
I love it!!!!
Forget what the kids want.
I want some.
Focus!  We are trying to be more environmentally conscious.
Shower jellies.
How cool is that?
I need some.
My kids need some.
My husband needs some.
My friends need some.
Everyone I know needs some.
Geez, the soap is as beautiful as the bath bombs and bubble bars.
Oh Good grief, I’m going to be that old lady with pretty soap in her bathroom no one is allowed to use.
And plastic furniture covers.
I need to try all of these soaps.
And the shower gels.
And shower smoothies.
And shower scrubs.
Will any of them make my teenager smell better?
Probably not.
Which one would my husband like?
Who am I kidding?
He will use whatever is in the shower.
Solid shampoo and conditioner bars?
Yeah, I’d totally mix up my bar of soap with my bar of shampoo with my bar of conditioner.
I think I’ll pass on all these bars.
Where would I put them all anyway?
I don’t have that many places for soap in my shower.
Can I use the Veganese conditioner if I’m not a vegan.
Feels hypocritical.
But it sounds lovely.
These names crack me up–Sex Bomb, Granny Takes A Dip, Space Girl, It’s Raining Men, Dirty, Happy Hippy, Grass.
I don’t know if I should light a candle to set the mood or smoke a joint.
Or both.
Lovely Jubblies?  Really?
It says “keep your knockers in tit top shape”.
Do I need a lotion just for my boobs?
Is it really just for boobs?
I must have my mind in the gutter.
But it says knockers and tits.
My husband would die laughing if he saw this.
This one says self-preserving.
Are the others going to go bad?
What if I put lotion on that was bad?
Could I die?
I could die.
Surely not.
They wouldn’t sell it if it’s not safe.
I should check on that.
$40 for lotion?
That better be some darn good lotion.
Fresh Farmacy. Ha!
I get it.
Cute spelling.
Steamers. Never heard of those.
Reminds me of seafood.
Oh, you steam your face with it.
Well, I need seven.
One for everyday of the week.
Tooth tabs sound weird.
Solid toothpaste makes me think of the hard part on the end of the toothpaste tube when you leave it open.
Dusting powder, huh?
It says “to keep all your bits dry”.
They have either really cleaver, or really twisted, writers for these descriptions.
What’s a massage bar?
They are pretty, too.
Do they melt?
It says they heat up with body heat.
Good grief!  Their descriptions are suggestive.
I love it!
Will I turn that color if it’s rubbed on me?
Will my husband turn that color?
Oh gosh, will it wash off?
My luck it wouldn’t wash off.
I’d be like the weird person walking around with purple shoulders–or worse.
Oh what the heck. Sounds fun.
Eh, the makeup isn’t exactly for redheads.
Why do companies do that?
Only black mascara?  Ugh!
I’d look ridiculous.
A goth chick gone wrong.
Does anyone really wear eyeliner that is THAT blue?
Or THAT yellow?
I should branch out more.
I should be more bold.
Yeah right.  Girls who wear that eyeliner are edgy and cool.
I’m not.
I’m jealous.
I’m too old for edgy and cool.
So what am I going to buy?
Definitely a massage bar.
And some lotion
And a bath bomb.
Oh, and shower jellies.
What the heck, a shower smoothie, too.
Ok, that’s enough.
Don’t over-spend.
Who am I kidding?
A steamer, too.
That Lemony Flutter looks great.
Did I really just put all that in my shopping cart?
Gosh, I’m so socially conscious.
I’m so helping the planet.
I am SO making a difference.
I’m such a smart ass.
I didn’t do anything but shop.
Hey!  I’m no longer a LUSH virgin, though.
There’s always that.

(If you’d like to see a LUSH review from someone who has been loving them forever, check out Michele’s review.)


Photo Credit: Robin Zebrowski

Skin care

Don’t Test on Fido. Really.

June 7, 2015

I’m a bit of a hippie, worried about the planet and the things and people on it. I carry my reusable bags to the market, recycle just anything possible, and want to make sure the products I buy are helping, not hurting the Earth. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that several of my favorite brands are not Cruelty Free.

After reading this, I was reminded that I need to pay more attention to the brands I use. Cruelty Free Kitty has several posts about which products that are cruelty free and which aren’t. That blog is about to become my new go-to site before I try a new brand.

And I’m going to have to review the brands I already use. It’s a process, though, because there are levels, people. Just because one brand doesn’t test on animals, that doesn’t mean its parent company doesn’t. And some brands are owned by companies that do medical research, which is an entirely different situation. In my opinion, there is no one right answer. Everyone has to make his or her own decision.

For now, for me, in every case possible, I’m going to avoid brands and companies that do any animal testing. A 40s ReStyle doesn’t mean giving up what I believe in about the world around me.

Unfortunately, that means giving up brands I enjoy. If you read my post about my skin care plan, you know I primarily use LUSH and Neutrogena products. Of the two, I’ll be keeping the LUSH. So I’ll be looking for something new here soon.

I’ll also be working through some of my makeup brands and doing some replacing of some of those. I’m thankful that most of the brands I enjoy are on the good list, certified by Leaping Bunny and approved by PETA. A few, though (I’m looking at you Benefit), not so much. If you look through the good list and see something you love, let me know. I’m happily taking suggestions.


Photo Credit: Logan Ingalls

Skin care

Say My Skin is Good… Please

June 5, 2015

I am obsessed with good skin. I’m not proud. I’m also not ashamed.

My children have had skin care routines since they were in early elementary school. If I forget to take my makeup off (a rare thing indeed) before bed and wake up in the middle of the night, I’ll get up and take it off then. Shallow and vain though it is, one of the best compliments anyone could give me is that I have good skin.

People have asked me through the years what products I use, and while I think products matter, I also think using the products matters more. Just the simple dedication to taking care of your skin is more important than periodically putting something expensive on your skin.

That said, if you can afford any skin care system, the Murad brand is amazing. And there is a line within the brand for everyone.

Both of my kids use cleansers from LUSH. My teenage son uses the Dark Angels cleaner, while my middle school-age daughter uses the Fresh Farmacy cleanser. All of the LUSH products are made with fresh, mostly organic ingredients and are free of preservatives. It’s a good starting point for tender skin. They both also use a tea tree oil spot treatment from The Body Shop.

My personal skin care routine starts with a morning exfoliation with the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser by LUSH. I scrub my face with this in the shower each morning, and it leaves my skin freshly exfoliated but also silky smooth. LUSH is leading the way in using natural exfoliants and not beads (#banthebead).

Always, always follow with a sunscreen. Admittedly, I love the Murad brand, but I’m longing to try the new one from Tarte. I have a few samples to try here soon. The basics are that you really just need an SPF 15 or so because most foundations also have an SPF included.

At night, I use a gentle cleanser by Neutrogena Naturals. Because my skin is dry, I never use a foaming cleaner. Foaming equal drying.  Mary Kay makes the best eye makeup remover ever. If you don’t already know a Mary Kay rep, ask around and find one, if only for this product. I follow with a deep moisture cream and then an eye cream. I also use an anti-aging cream every other night in place of the night cream. Because I believe (whether rightly or not) that lines are formulated to work together, I use all Neutrogena products. If I switched lines, I would switch the entire line.

And I try really hard to do everything to my hands and chest that I do to my face – sunscreen, treatments, moisture creams. I hate more than anything that some days I look at my hands and think they look like old lady hands. The best night cream for hands I’ve ever found is another LUSH product – lemony flutter. It smells like lemon cream pie, and it is smooth and luscious. My favorite hand cream to carry in my handbag is by Tokyo Milk. It has the richest scents that stay with you long after you apply the cream, and for a thick cream, it absorbs quickly and isn’t sticky.

I do a face mask here and there, and I haven’t even touched upon lip balms and body lotions. Another time. For now, this is my skin care routine.

At the very least, on a lazy, sleepy or sick night, grab a pre-done makeup remover wipe. Do something. Do a 40s ReStyle on that skin.


Photo Credit: JeepersMedia