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BITE me, why dontcha? BITE Beauty is all that.

June 14, 2015

I’ve never been a fan of lip scrubs until recently. I know that the skin on your lips is delicate, and I never could see the point in putting something rough on something so tender. I’m a bit of a lip balm addict – if sent on a show such as “Naked and Afraid,” it’s possible my one tool might be a good lip balm.

My family has affectionately dubbed 2015 as ‘the year my body turned against me.’ Suffice it to say, I’ve had some medical issues. It’s a bit of a 40s ReStyle that I didn’t exactly choose.

One of the odder issues – or maybe one of the odder side effects of one of the other issues, who knows – is that the skin on my lips began to peel at some point. (WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGERY AHEAD.) Imagine a sunburn on your lips. Always. The corners of my lips cracked and never healed. The skin would peel off completely, multiple times a day, and sometimes my lips would bleed. My lips always stung and hurt.

I had to give up lipstick. It was an unhappy situation.

I explained this to a doctor. “Seriously. No lippies makes me unhappy. I need you to fix this.” She seemed less than concerned about my cosmetic concerns, but did make notes about my health comments.

I tried every lip balm on the market. Really. I could buy a new outfit for what I have spent this year on lip balm. As time went by, thankfully, they began to heal some and were only peeling once a day or so. Trust me, this was serious progress.

The lovely LeeAnn is married to a pharmacist who suggested I throw out all lip balms and other lippies and start over. Shudder! I did it, though. At that point, I was ready to try anything.  My husband bought me a LUSH lip balm for my birthday. It was fresh and new, and it was all I used.

LeeAnn suggested a BITE Beauty product she had seen on Sephora, and I thought I’d try it, too. I was at a point by then that my lips were only peeling every few days (often enough for me to think I was healed, only to have them peel & shatter my dreams of wearing lipstick again). So I dropped $15 on BITE Beauty’s 5 Night Fix for Lips. It’s the cutest little jar with a tiny lip scrub stick and tube of agave lip mask.

You’re supposed to use the lip scrub (in whipped cherry – I hate cherries, but at that point, I’d have rubbed raw cherries on my lips if necessary.) and then follow with the lip mask right before bed. Five days later, and I swear my lips were better.

Now, sure, they were getting better all along.

Was it coincidence? Probably.

Do I care? No.

This is a wonderful little jar of a product. And I’ve been using the five day supply for about 30 days now, on and off. I have about one more day of the lip scrub, and I’ll replace it with a LUSH scrub (did I mention I hate cherries?). But I’ve easily got half a tube left of the lip mask. It’s a thick gel that really does make my lips feel better by the next morning, even now that they aren’t peeling (though admittedly, they do still get a little weird some days. When they do, I use the scrub & mask & they’re fine by morning.)

I’ll buy more of the lip mask when I use up all of this tube.

BITE Beauty is cruelty free, and the products are made with food grade ingredients, so if you happen to lick your lips a lot, it’s all good.

This little sampler is a good way to try two products at once with a tiny investment price. I’ll be buying more of this brand. Just no cherries.

And yes, I’ve been able to add a lippie or two back to my makeup routine. Happy days.


Photo Credit: Courtney Rhodes