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iBBeautiful Reminds Girls of their Unique Beauty

June 9, 2015

My dearest friend and blog partner told me that there was power in knowing who I was. It was a great statement!

Not until I really thought about her comment did I see how right she was. There IS power in being able to walk in a store knowing my body type, skin type, likes and dislikes. Not feeling compelled to buy something because everyone else wears it is a great thing. There is power in declaring that my pale skin and freckles are beautiful. There is power in embracing who I am.

When I was younger, I blindly followed the crowd–especially in fashion. Unfortunately, I’m a slow learner. It took me a long time to learn that trends come and go, and that what is fashionable is an ever-changing concept.  As I’m experiencing my own 40s ReStyle, I’m coming to appreciate that fashion is fickle and that I should embrace what looks best on me. I am becoming more confident in my 40-year-old looks–extra weight, wrinkles, and all.

All that said, I want more for my daughter. I want her to learn sooner than I did that clothes and makeup should enhance her beauty, not make her beautiful. I want her to understand a smile is better than all the expensive lipstick in the world. I want her to understand beauty is not just one look found over and over in magazines. I want her to see beauty in everyone.

My long list of wants for her are easier written about than done. We all know girls today have a difficult time dealing with body issues. It’s common knowledge that girls receive mixed messages about what is beautiful. We know the problem, but rarely find a solution.

We buy lots of beauty products at our house. We like to try new makeup, skin care, and fragrances. Manicures and pedicures are some of our favorite mom/daughter outings. We also talked A LOT about what is beautiful, about being beautiful on the inside, about never letting someone make you feel less, and about how “beautiful” can be described in many ways.

She wanted an Ipsy bag like I receive.  While, I always look forward to my bag each month, I felt it was a bit too grown up for her and wanted to make sure she knew makeup was not required to look attractive. I did some research. I stumbled on iBBeautiful. It’s a subscription box for girls with a wonderful message. While providing a box full of great items, there is also a theme and positive message for girls. Sounded like a win-win for our house.

We’ve received two iBBeautiful boxes so far.  My daughter loves them and is giddy upon getting them in the mail. The first month we subscribed (May), the theme was “Aspire.” She received a tee shirt, scarf, girly earbuds, gentle face wash, cute butterfly hairband, and an equally adorable notepad. There is always a card inside dedicated to the theme of the month.

This month was even better. June’s box contained a compact brush and mirror, refreshing facial spray for girls, facial cleansing clothes for girls, a bracelet, and ring. The shirt is adorable and the theme this month is “Be Yourself.”  We read each card and discuss the theme.  The box is a great starting point for conversations about beauty. She puts the cards on her mirror in her bathroom.

Each box is $20 a month without the t shirt, or $30 with the shirt. I like that you can opt out on the shirt if your child isn’t into tee shirts or if fit is a concern. There is a choice of tween and teen boxes. We got the tween box, but looking at the products on their website, it seems both boxes are fabulous.

Maybe my daughter will be a faster learner than I was when it comes to beauty.  I think that the iBBeautiful boxes will reinforce all our conversations and help her sift through those crazy messages out there about beauty.


Photo Credit: maf04