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Drugstore Favorites – Here’s Mine

June 4, 2015

I used to purchase most of my makeup at a discount or drug store and would occasionally splurge on a good foundation, mascara, or lipstick at a department store. That’s what I was taught. My mother wasn’t much of a makeup wearer. She was a tomboy at heart and was never much interested.

That tomboy gave birth to the girliest of girls.  Perfume, makeup, purses, and shoes all made me happy. While being incredibly girly, I was also on a budget in my early twenties and thirties. Babies further put glamorous girly items on hold. (Some days a shower was a blessing, let alone full makeup, painted toes, and manicured fingers.).

As my family became more self-sufficient, I turned forty-plus and saw my skin change with me. I finally took the plunge and decided to 40s ReStyle my look and bought great makeup, a skin care regime, and began to experiment with products I never knew existed. (Who knew I needed a highlighter for under my brows?  I didn’t, but I love it.)

There is one drug store item I have stuck with even after my plunge into more expensive products – Loreal Brow Stylist Brow Shaping Duet (approx. $7.00). I tried expensive and cheap brow pencils and kits. Having red hair, my brows are so light you can only feel them, not see them. All the products I tried made them too dark–no matter how I applied them. I looked like the little old ladies who draw on their eyebrows in one thin line.

No matter how I tried to feather, blend, and mix colors, it looked weird and unnatural. While blindly walking the makeup isle at my local big box retailer, I saw this. It comes in Black Brown, Medium Brown, and Blonde. There are two pencils and a sharpener. I purchased the blonde and it works like a dream.

One pencil is lighter than the other. I start with it. I make sure to get the arch and shape correct with it. Then I use the darker of the two pencils. I go against the brow growth to add some lowlights to what started out as a blonde brow. An eyebrow brush further blends the colors to be natural and just the right color for my dark red hair. As I tend to go lighter with my hair color in the summer, these pencils transition right along with the color change. They do not smear, but are not super-hard like some brow pencils you have to really work to apply.  The price can’t be beat and they last as long as any of the pricy brands.

Loreal Brow Stylist Brow Shaping Duet has a permanent place in my makeup bag. It is my favorite drugstore makeup find to date.


Photo Credit: Lorraine