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Color Me New: eSalon Makes a Friend in Me

May 18, 2015

My grandmother had the most beautiful silver hair. Whether it’s true or not, I’ve heard that she was completely grey/silver by the time she was 25. I can remember finding my first grey hair when I was 16. Needless to say, I am not exactly rocking my natural color any longer.

But my hair grows pretty quickly, which I suppose is a good thing. But I could easily do my roots every two weeks. It’s necessary every three. And at four weeks, I’m positively frightening. But let’s face it, a salon visit every 2-3 weeks can be financially daunting. So I do my own color, with varying results, depending upon the brands used. Not always the 40s Restyle I’d like.

I’ve read a lot lately about a new online hair color that is said to be as good as a salon. provides custom color just for you, based upon a set of questions and the answers you provide. This sounds less than likely to me, more like a Buzzfeed or Facebook quiz than something that could really work on my hair.

But the company will give new clients 50% off their first order, thus making the color $10, less than I was paying for a box of drugstore hair color. For that, I’d take a crazy quiz about my hair.

And there is a quiz. You answer questions about your skin tone and your hair – natural color, current color, hoped for color, how often you want to color – and then the website presents you with options within your ‘target’ color range. You’re also given the option to add various coloring tools to your order – often at a discount. I added clips, a brush and a non-slip bowl for mixing the color.

The box was well packed, and the instructions were personalized. I am a sucker for something that has my name on it. Seriously. Charge me extra and put my name on it. I’m fine. We’re good.

Hair clips, brush & non-slip bowl

Hair clips, brush & non-slip bowl

All of the tools were good quality. I felt good about the $16. Now, sure, I could probably have bought them at the beauty supply store for  less, but the beauty supply store makes me uncomfortable. It’s all foreign and weird. And the parking lot is awkward. I’ve given up better  stores than that because of an awkward parking lot.

One of my favorite things in the entire box of fabulousness was a tiny little packet of Stain Guard. I’m a fair girl, and my skin stains easy. I always just apply Vaseline around my hairline, but that’s tricky as it can prevent the color from taking if I get it actually into the hair. This stuff was perfect. There was also a Stain Remover towelette for messy girls like me who maybe have a wayward strand of hair drape across a cheekbone, leaving a lovely streak where it shouldn’t be.

There are things that might make this worth the full $20.

My custom formula

My custom formula

I was impressed with their customization of the color. The majority was a medium brown, which I had indicated I wanted. A bit of gold because I had wanted a warm brown, and a hint of violet to even out the reddish color that I already have in my hair. Overall, a pretty good job at guessing a color based upon an online quiz. A far better result than I got on the What Disney Princess Are You quiz.

I sectioned off my hair with my new clips & mixed the color and developer in my new bowl and began to apply with my groovy new brush. I admit I like the brush better than using the bottle. I felt like there was more control and less color on my shoulders (bathroom counter, etc.). Again, talking about the little things, they sent two pair of gloves. I buy disposable gloves to use with the kits because I always used two pair – one for when I do my roots and then the second pair for when I rub the color through the ends of my hair. I like that they provided both sets – for that very purpose. Twenty minutes on the roots… add to the ends… five more minutes.

And this is where things get weird. You’re supposed to add water to any remaining color & pour it into the bottle if you used the bowl. Hop in the shower and apply. Lather like shampoo and then rinse out. Then shampoo and condition with – get this – the shampoo and conditioner they provide.

The color looks great. It covered my roots better than anything other than salon color has in years. Now, it did take a little longer than a regular box color, but for the results, I’ll spend a little extra time.  And when you fill out your quiz, you tell them how often you want to color. In that many weeks, another box of color will arrive at your door.

Too fab. I’m all in with this one. Let me know if you want to try it – I’ll send you an invite.