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Cruelty-free Products Worth the Fight

June 8, 2015

As I get older, I learn to pick my battles. In my younger years, I was passionate about everything…for about 10 minutes. As I go through my 40s ReStyle, I find some causes don’t affect me like they did when I was 20. Other issues I just can’t ignore. For example, I am not a member of PETA. (I like pretty leather purses and shoes.) Vegan products don’t interest me much. I am not swayed by the all-natural trend.  BUT…animal testing for beauty products and fragrances that, in all honesty, are no more than luxuries, upsets me.

There are all sorts of opinions out there. Medical research is one area I’m sure that there are arguments for animal testing. I am not drawing a line in the sand.  I know that with this, and many other issues associated with animal testing, there is A LOT of gray area. I am not trying to persuade anyone to support or discard one brand or another. I am all about making informed decisions, though.

Armed with all the information I can find as I go through MY own 40s ReStyle, I am making better, more informed decisions about how I spend my money on luxury items.   From now on, I will seek out products created by companies that do not test on animals.

I wish I had known all this when I revamped my entire skin regime a few months ago. The Origins products appealed to me when I was looking. I bought it, and it works well. I doubt I’ll buy it anymore. The company does animal testing. Come on Origins!  We could have been a great match!  I had already recommended you to so many people.

I was angry when I read the article, but I’m renewed in my quest for quality products that I feel good about.  I was skeptical too, so I read other articles and visited product websites. After weighing my options and with a bit of sadness, I leave behind brands like Origins, Benefit, Coach, and Urban Decay.  I will miss you a bit. Yet as I research cruelty-free beauty products, I find there is so much out there. There will be other products to love and recommend. In fact, there are some smaller companies, as well as big name brands, and quirky little lines I find incredibly interesting. I suppose this 40sRestyle is all a process. It is definitely all about learning and changing for the better.