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Top 10 Holiday Wish List Products

November 25, 2015

We’ve been gone. Did you miss us? Sure you did.

LeeAnn wrote her list of products she’d like to try in 2016 (go on, call it a Wish List), and here is my list to go along with that. Keep in mind that we shop differently. There are products on my list that I already know I love but that I’ve just been too cheap to replace.

We hope you find some things in one or both of our lists that you decide to try and that become favorites.

1. Vera Wang’s Hippie Princess perfume ($60 for 1.7 oz)

Blame LeeAnn for this one. She suggested I smell it & tell her what it was like because she likes the other scents in this line. I now can’t go into Ulta without spraying this just all over me. My daughter also likes this one, which isn’t a real selling point for me.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54)

This is the benchmark of nude and near-nude palettes. There are multiple options to choose from within the Naked line. I prefer the Naked 2, but I swear, I’d take any of them. I’ve reached a point in life where I prefer a muted eye with a darker liner as opposed to the brighter shadows I wore when I was younger. These palettes have just everything. And Urban Decay is a Cruelty Free brand.

3. Lily Lolo Mascara ($20)

I am a dedicated user of my CK One mascara, but I’d like to try a CF brand. The Lily Lolo is the highest rated CF mascara I can find. Whether I love it or hate it, I’d like to try it.

4. MyChelle Fruit Enzyme Scrub ($18)

This is one of my favorite finds from PetitVour. This fruit enzyme scrub is wonderful. You can leave it on just a few minutes or a few minutes longer, depending on how your skin reacts. It smells wonderful and leaves my skin feels smooth and clean.

5. Tarte LipSurgence (Holiday Set $34 for 9 minis)

If you haven’t tried these lippies, you’re missing out. They feel like a balm and look like a great lipstick. Now, I’ll admit, I don’t like the matte options. But the others are amazing. For several years now, I’ve bought the holiday set (it’s a super value), and divided it up between gifts for others and for myself.

6. Tokyo Milk ($20)

I love this hand lotion. It is hydrating without being greasy, and the scent lasts forever. My favorite scents are the Dead Sexy and Kabuki No. 9. Every handbag should feature something this lovely.

7. nyl Skincare Organic Shimmer Sugar Scrub ($38 for 8 oz)

Ever since I started getting PetitVour boxes, I’ve been eyeing this sugar scrub. Who doesn’t love a sugar scrub? One that gives your a golden shimmer? Even. Better.

8. 21 Drops ($29 each)

I want all of these. Just all of them. We have the Sleep oil and love it. I’d like to try so many of these. They do have some holiday sets that might be good starting points.

9. BITE Beauty lippies

I am in love with BITE’s lip mask. In. Love. And I’d like to try one of their other lip products. Just any other one.

10. Anything LUSH

Seriously. For real.

Now, share with us your wish lists. Maybe we’ll add some of your products to our lists.


Skin care

BITE me, why dontcha? BITE Beauty is all that.

June 14, 2015

I’ve never been a fan of lip scrubs until recently. I know that the skin on your lips is delicate, and I never could see the point in putting something rough on something so tender. I’m a bit of a lip balm addict – if sent on a show such as “Naked and Afraid,” it’s possible my one tool might be a good lip balm.

My family has affectionately dubbed 2015 as ‘the year my body turned against me.’ Suffice it to say, I’ve had some medical issues. It’s a bit of a 40s ReStyle that I didn’t exactly choose.

One of the odder issues – or maybe one of the odder side effects of one of the other issues, who knows – is that the skin on my lips began to peel at some point. (WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGERY AHEAD.) Imagine a sunburn on your lips. Always. The corners of my lips cracked and never healed. The skin would peel off completely, multiple times a day, and sometimes my lips would bleed. My lips always stung and hurt.

I had to give up lipstick. It was an unhappy situation.

I explained this to a doctor. “Seriously. No lippies makes me unhappy. I need you to fix this.” She seemed less than concerned about my cosmetic concerns, but did make notes about my health comments.

I tried every lip balm on the market. Really. I could buy a new outfit for what I have spent this year on lip balm. As time went by, thankfully, they began to heal some and were only peeling once a day or so. Trust me, this was serious progress.

The lovely LeeAnn is married to a pharmacist who suggested I throw out all lip balms and other lippies and start over. Shudder! I did it, though. At that point, I was ready to try anything.  My husband bought me a LUSH lip balm for my birthday. It was fresh and new, and it was all I used.

LeeAnn suggested a BITE Beauty product she had seen on Sephora, and I thought I’d try it, too. I was at a point by then that my lips were only peeling every few days (often enough for me to think I was healed, only to have them peel & shatter my dreams of wearing lipstick again). So I dropped $15 on BITE Beauty’s 5 Night Fix for Lips. It’s the cutest little jar with a tiny lip scrub stick and tube of agave lip mask.

You’re supposed to use the lip scrub (in whipped cherry – I hate cherries, but at that point, I’d have rubbed raw cherries on my lips if necessary.) and then follow with the lip mask right before bed. Five days later, and I swear my lips were better.

Now, sure, they were getting better all along.

Was it coincidence? Probably.

Do I care? No.

This is a wonderful little jar of a product. And I’ve been using the five day supply for about 30 days now, on and off. I have about one more day of the lip scrub, and I’ll replace it with a LUSH scrub (did I mention I hate cherries?). But I’ve easily got half a tube left of the lip mask. It’s a thick gel that really does make my lips feel better by the next morning, even now that they aren’t peeling (though admittedly, they do still get a little weird some days. When they do, I use the scrub & mask & they’re fine by morning.)

I’ll buy more of the lip mask when I use up all of this tube.

BITE Beauty is cruelty free, and the products are made with food grade ingredients, so if you happen to lick your lips a lot, it’s all good.

This little sampler is a good way to try two products at once with a tiny investment price. I’ll be buying more of this brand. Just no cherries.

And yes, I’ve been able to add a lippie or two back to my makeup routine. Happy days.


Photo Credit: Courtney Rhodes