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Bare Minerals Wins Big

May 16, 2015

Bare Minerals is my new fave product.

As I approached middle age, I saw my skin change dramatically. Freckles and smooth pale skin were overshadowed by itchy red patches and blemishes. What the heck?

I admit, my skin care regime up to this point was minimal at best. I never had to do much and discounted how blessed I was.  I had to form new habits – get myself a 40s Restyle.  I also had to learn all about makeup.

Growing up, I used whatever drugstore product there was. Maybe I was lucky enough to convince my mother, who was never a lover of makeup, to buy me a more expensive department store brand. Whatever the case, those habits carried over to adulthood. I focused on convenience and price.

Now my skin was screaming for attention. Suddenly I was thrust into the crazy world of cosmetics just because I hit 40. It felt like I needed a degree in chemistry AND medicine to find my way.  One brand kept popping up as I researched all sorts of options and solutions–Bare Minerals. Problem skin?  Bare Minerals. Blemishes?  Bare minerals?  Sensitive skin?  Bare Minerals. Could it really be THAT amazing? I was skeptical, but it did live up to all the hype.

I purchased the Bare Minerals Up Close and Beautiful 30 day Complexion Starter Kit from Sephora for $22.00. I also purchased the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Pure Brightening Spectrum Foundation for $29.00.

The Bare Minerals starter kit came with a primer, powder foundation, concealer, finishing powder and two brushes.   They appeared tiny as I took them out of the package.  My first thought was that it would never last a month.

I applied the primer. It felt silky but also a bit oily. I panicked. My second thought was a fear that my skin would be an oil slick for weeks. Nope!

From what I can tell, the primer gives all this powder something to adhere to. And it works. The liquid foundation felt similar to the primer. I’ve experimented and found that the liquid foundation with the finishing powder, as well as the powder foundation system provide medium coverage alone. Together they provide full coverage. No matter how I chose to wear it, my skin did not ever feel itchy, get red, or break out. In fact, I’ve had no breakouts since wearing it for almost a month now.

I’m not going to claim I will never break out, but the results were immediate.  The best way to describe it is that my skin calmed down. And there is still lots left after using it for almost a month now.  It does last 30 days – if not longer.  It stays on all day and fades out a bit by the end of the day.  That is the only negative I can find.

Application Tip: blend blend blend. All that powder can cake up around your hairline, nose, and chin. If I take the time to blend everything, it looks amazing. If all the powder seems to look, well powdery, I’d suggest a finishing spray to tone that down.  (I will let you know my OTHER new favorite product for that later.)

Few products live up to all the hype that surrounds them. Bare Minerals did for me. The bottom line is that Bare Minerals delivers.


Photo Credit: Mike Mozart