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I Can Do That! – Tips to Make Your 40sRestyle Beauty Routine Fab

March 26, 2016

Our 40s are wonderful. At 40sRestyle, we work to stay current with trends. Any trend must be modified for your own style.┬áMakeup trends must especially be customized whatever age we are. That doesn’t mean tons of time and effort, either. Being 40-something doesn’t mean we should hang up our makeup brushes. It just takes a bit of tweaking for makeup to continue to flatter us. No extra time involved. I promise. Here’s some simple tips:

Start With A Good Canvas
A gentle cleanser is best for the delicate skin on the face. Anything too harsh will dry the skin on the face and neck. Choose a cleanser that effectively removes makeup but without scrubbing and rubbing too hard. Also follow with a moisturizer twice a day on the face and neck. If the skin on and around the eyes or on the neck is dry, consider investing in a good eye cream and/or neck cream to moisturize, as well.

Matte Lipstick And Eyeshadow
Matte colors look more natural. Leave the glitter to the 16 year olds. Shimmery, glittery, or frosty lipsticks and eyeshadows settle into the creases of the lips and eyes and exaggerate our age. Go for a matte shade instead. For a bit of pop, a lip gloss can help. Lip gloss isn’t the sticky mess it was in the 80s. (Now, Michele disagrees with me on this one, but she can tell you about that in a later post.)

Cream Blush
A cream blush works well for skin as it gets older. It doesn’t look too powdery and helps with the dry patches that appear in the 40s. Also be careful with application. Smile when applying blush and only put it on the apples of the cheeks. Don’t try to sweep it from just outside the nose to the hairline like we did in the 80s. It dates the look.

Shop for a gel liner or a liner that twists up. These dry out less than a pencil does. As the eyes age, we should be particularly gentle with the delicate skin around them. Using a very dry eyeliner drags and pulls the skin around the eyes. Find one that goes on smoothly and gently. Be wary of eyeliner trends such as wings, cat eyes, or other very noticeable application techniques, too. First of all, trendy techniques like those make it appear as if we are trying too hard. Work on getting a nice curved line very close to the lashes instead.

Eyebrows should be defined, filled in, and trimmed. Too bushy and natural or too over-plucked and arched doesn’t really work for any age. A brow powder and pencil work well together to fill in and define the brow. Use the pencil to define and follow with a powder to fill in. Finish by running a spoolie or brush against the hair growth to blend for a natural look.

Let a highlighter or illuminator be your friend. A quick dab across the top of your cheeks and under the brow offers a bit of a glow without looking sparkly.
A medium coverage foundation offers coverage of flaws but doesn’t look too thick. Go for a foundation that isn’t too dewy or glossy and isn’t too matte either. A matte foundation can look dry and settle in lines and wrinkles. One that is too dewy can come across as oily or shimmery and also accentuate lines and wrinkles.

Finishing Spray
A finishing spray can tone down a foundation that looks too powdery. It can keep eyeshadow and other makeup in place so it doesn’t smear or accentuate lines, as well. It helps add a youthful dew to the skin also.

A moisturizer and foundation with some SPF is a good thing for skin at any age. Some have very sensitive skin that reacts to ingredients in sunscreen. There are sunscreens out there for sensitive skin. These can be applied before the regular beauty routine. For those who do not have sensitive skin, always try to look for products with an SPF.

Dry Skin or Blemishes
As skin ages, it looses elasticity and gets drier. Even after moisturizing, there can be tiny pieces of dry skin visible. Use a toothbrush dedicated for this task or a pointy pair of tweezers to remove those tiny pieces of dry skin. Blemishes too, can still be an issue in our 40s. Hormonal changes, in particular, contribute to that. Don’t resort to harsh acne treatments. They can create even more dry skin. Do not skip the moisturizing step either thinking it contributes to oiliness or blemishes. Continue to moisturize. Our skin can try to compensate for lack of moisture with more oil.

These tips shouldn’t add any time to the regular beauty routine, but can make a tremendous difference in how great we look. Forty is fabulous. We should look as fabulous as we feel.

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