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“How to Be a Redhead” Box Rocks the Ginger World

December 15, 2015

Bags and boxes are everywhere. A subscription box with a theme, a cause, a target audience – there’s something for everyone. Subscription boxes are big right now and I wanted them ALL. We know I’m not brand loyal on most products. I want to try everything. So of course a subscription box appeals to me.

Finding the right box that works best for me was not as appealing–or easy.  I love love love the idea of a subscription box. Getting to discover new beauty products is so fun. For people like me who are always looking for that next great item, it’s a dream come true. I tried a couple different boxes.  While there was a product here or there I liked, overall the experience rated no more than an “Eh, it’s alright.”

I kept wondering, “where is that dream box with tons of samples, a full size item or two, and it’s all things I want to keep and use?”  Reviews online mention them. Others have had great luck with them (i.e. Michele and PetitVour).  I wanted MY box.

Enter H2BAR
As I lay in bed one night, I received a message from Michele. “Here’s the box for you.” It had promise. I signed up and fell asleep.

When I woke up the next morning, I had a minor panic attack. I had an email waiting on me from How To Be A Redhead. The email said they appreciated my interest but that I was on a waiting list. Oh crap!  I gave all my important info to some company I didn’t even investigate. What the hell Ambien?

My husband was going to kill me for doing this. Within hours another email arrived saying I was going to receive the November box and gave all the shipping information.  I hadn’t even canceled yet and decided to ride this impulse purchase out. Fingers crossed…

I studied up a bit more on H2BAR while I waited on the box.  I just knew it would be disappointing. But wait!!  Hhhhmmmm, turns out the reviews are really good. Turns out I can cancel anytime, and there is never any pressure. Turns out these boxes are amazing according to reviewers and worth every cent of $19.95. Oh, and best of all, these boxes are curated by and for redheads JUST like the name says. It isn’t a gimmick. It’s just for us.

You may ask why that is such a big deal. Yes, gingers really are different from others. Our skin is sensitive -ultra-sensitive at times. Most colors of makeup look strange on us. Our hair reacts in strange ways to products. We are different. I’m embracing it – after 40 years – but buying the right products can be tough.

Finally, the box
The November box arrived, and by this time I had fully investigated H2BAR.   I was getting excited. Rightly so. Holy moly!  This box was amazing. Seven items were in the box. Three of them were full size. THREE.  It contained a perfect shade of nail polish, a full size perfect shade of eye shadow, a full size moisturizer with spf for sensitive skin, a full size color repair spray for redheads, sample sizes of shampoo and conditioner, a sample size oil-based lotion, and a sample size exfollient.  Retail value was around $200. Geez!

The next question is how many of these were usable products–that I kept. All but one I kept. ALL BUT ONE, people!  (Michele got a sample size.) Best of all, not only were they usable by me, but they were AMAZING products. I began working all of it into my daily beauty routine and loved them all.

My favorite item was the Clearista Retexurizing Gel. It’s an exfollient that does what most exfollients claim but don’t deliver. There will be more written on this one in the future.

Customer Service
Now let’s talk customer service. Since I was immediately in love with the November box, I signed up for the December box with no reservations. Very quickly I got an email saying I was already signed up and there was no need to do so.  I was cool with that.  The email went on to say that since there was confusion on whether I should renew each month a surprise was headed my way. An October box would be sent to me as an apology. Huh?  For real?  I messed up, and YOU are making it right?  I could not love H2BAR more. Or so I thought…

The October box soon arrived. It was equally as wonderful. It also contained seven products, four being full size. I’m keeping all of them. The box contained a full size sunscreen for sensitive skin, a full size box of sunburn alert stickers, a full size reviving red oil for hair, a sheet mask for sensitive skin, shampoo and conditioner samples, a full size lipstick that is the perfect color, and a redness reducing moisturizer for sensitive skin. The moisturizer was my favorite and there’s more to come on that one, too. Retail value for this box was nearly $200 as well. Wowzers!

So H2BAR rocks. Really!  Honest to God, it is the best thing out there in the subscription box world. Yes it is for redheads or want-to-be redheads. I only hope all you other beautiful women find a box you love this much. It is worth it. I have found that dream box. Michele was right. It was the box for me and I should have known to trust her instincts and mine, too – even when half asleep.

Addendum: The December box arrived. I was just as pleased. Not one bad box yet.


Photo Credit: photo care of the H2BAR website

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