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You’re Gonna Love Us. We Do.

May 18, 2015

Hi. Thanks for popping over for a bit. We’re new here, and we’re glad you’re joining us. We’re working on a bit of a 40s Restyle.

I’m Michele. I’m a freelance writer and editor living in the Sunshine State. Pretty much, I’m working my way through to retirement when I hope to be the palest of the fabulous old folks on the beach.

My partner in crime here is LeeAnn. She’s got a real job and lives in a much colder realm. She’s working through until she can join me on the beach. It’ll be a crazy good time.

We are admitted product junkies. We’ve been planning this blog for quite some time, and we’re now ready to share it with everyone. We’re going to review products – from the perspective of women who have to put a little work into our skin – and share what we think about things. And we are accepting of the fact that she and I may be the only ones to read one another’s posts. But maybe a few kind friends will read. And maybe lots of people will share our posts and other fantastic 40-something women will read about great products. And they’ll buy those products and get better skin and come back and read again.

Either way, it’s going to be a good time. Lots of products, both high end and drugstore quality. And we’re going to love some things and hate some things. Love and hate them with us, won’t you?

Because what I’ve learned in these 45 years is that it really is about the journey & it’s a lonely journey if you don’t carry some great people with you. And you really do need to take super great care of your skin. Own your 40s, people. Give them a Restyle. Make them what you want.

40s Restyle them.


Photo Credit: Thanks to Stephanie Hobson