About Us

I began looking for reviews of various subscription boxes online and found so very few from the perspective of someone my age – 45. I mentioned this to the woman who has known me for more than 30 years – let that sink in for a bit! – and she suggested that we write our own reviews. And here you are reading them. Thank you for joining us.

I’m Michele, and she’s LeeAnn. We honestly have been friends since Junior High School. We met in PE when we were doing everything we could to avoid the class and those who were much better at it than we were. My personal claim to fame is that I spent all of my PE years tying my shoes. I don’t ever remember taking a turn at “bat” in kickball. But my shoes were well tied.

We’re both in our mid-40s, turning 45 in 2015. And we’re both so much more fabulous than we were when we met. We’ve worked to earn that fabulousness, though.

I’m a bit of a hippie, preferring bold colors and prints, flip flops to heels. And I’ll buy just nearly anything with fringe on it. I’m serious about my skin care. I have two children, both of whom have had their own skin care routines since they were in elementary school.

LeeAnn has classic tastes and is always in style. Where I am bold, she is elegant. She loves a delicate piece of jewelry, a beautiful handbag with a simple design and a great pair of traditional heels. She says she’s trying to break out and try new looks these days, though, and do more experimenting with make up and skin care.

Our skin and coloring are as opposite as our fashion tastes, so you can be certain that at some point, one of us will review something relevant to you. My skin is dry where LeeAnn’s is oily. I am a brunette (still, thanks to good hair color) while she is a ginger. We merge only on the fact that we’re both a little pale… vampirish, some might say.

Join us. Leave us comments. Tell us if you agree with our reviews or if there’s something you want us to review for you.